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Chemical Processing’s e-newsletters can help you reach thousands of buyers and get a high return on your investment. Containing original topical features, the latest industry news and technical insights, our e-newsletters give you high response rates from your key prospects.

Chemical Processing Weekly

This weekly e-newsletter will round-up the weeks most popular news, articles and products that were new to www.ChemicalProcessing.com.

Consistently delivered to the key decision making prospects in the chemical industry, your ad will receive high visibility ensuring a high response rate on your investment. Chemical Processing Weekly subscribers look for this round up each Friday to stay informed and keep up to date on the chemical industry.

Insights from the CP50

CP 50 Insights is a monthly update on the developments, trends and lessons learned from the Chemical Processing 50 — CP 50. The CP 50 is a comprehensive list of the movers and shakers in the chemical processing industry. These 50 companies have made great strides in terms of technology, manufacturing best practices, innovation and sustainability.

Fab Five Product Bulletin

The Fab Five Product Bulletin is a monthly alert providing the latest information in new products available for process and plant optimization.


Dedicated to helping industry professionals ensure compliance with increasing industrial wastewater regulations, while enhancing operational efficiency, reducing waste disposal costs, improving water quality and creating a safer environment.

Energy Efficiency

Practical ideas and best practices to help industry professionals understand how to reduce energy consumption and costs, and create more efficient and sustainable solutions in addressing energy challenges.

Powder Handling

Update on the latest advances in the handling and treatment of powder and solids. Core content pillars include solids mixing and blending, intermediate and final product storage, material movement and particle size control.

Fluid Handling

Targeted monthly update on the latest advances in the safe and efficient movement and management of gases and liquids within chemical processing facilities. Core content pillars include valves and piping as well as pumps, compressors and their associated motors, drives and predictive monitoring technologies.

Process Instrumentation

Dedicated to helping industry professionals understand and keep current on trends and developments in the latest instrumentation news and applications.

Reliability/Asset Management

Dedicated to helping industry professionals get the most out of their equipment and improve plant operations and business performance.


Dedicated to helping chemical industry professionals explore and expand their use of wireless technology to help improve operational efficiency, reduce wiring and project costs, improve accuracy increase workforce mobility and efficiency


Dedicated to helping industry professionals explore and expand their use of filtration/separation technology and stay current on trends and developments to help improve operational efficiency and product quality. Inaugural issue coming February 2014.

Plant Perspectives

Provides real-world insights from veteran engineers on how to identify and address or avoid process plant problems. Inaugural issue coming January 2014.

Custom E-Newsletters

Create a co-branded custom e-newsletter focused on your company’s strengths and expertise in a particular arena…. which is then distributed to a targeted audience. Within this co-branded environment, it’s your opportunity to highlight educational assets and lead the discussion in the industry. It’s an excellent way for you to position your company as a thought leader, build credibility and garner 100% share of voice. Include a podcast with your expert as well to add an additional educational tool.

Along with providing the content for the news area, your company will have exclusive rights to all banner, skyscraper and button positions. Pricing starts at $6,900 gross per issue, depending on content requirements and distribution. For more information, contact our digital sales manager, Faith Zucker at 216-299-1358.

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The chemical industry remains the largest industry in the world with more than $770 billion in annual sales and more than $39 billion in capital expenditures. Learn why marketers turn to Chemical Processing to find solutions for communicating with this lucrative market.

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Chemical Processing, ChemicalProcessing.com and Chemical Processing eNewsletters reach a monthly worldwide audience of more than 130,000 chemical industry professionals responsible for designing, operating, maintaining and managing more than 40,000 chemical, petrochemical, refining, agricultural and pharmaceutical facilities in North America and across the globe.

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Chemical Processing creates high readership by focusing on what keeps readers up at night. 

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Chemical Processing’s e-newsletters can help you reach thousands of buyers and get a high return on your investment.

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Find out how Chemical Processing’s webinar and video offerings can help you build new leads and engage with prospects more effectively.

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Lead Gen

Learn how Chemical Processing can generate high-quality leads for your existing content.

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Here you’ll find quick and easy links to detailed information about each one of the components of Chemical Processing’s advertising offerings.

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