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Premium Content Alert Programs

Our Premium Content Alert Program consists of a mix of email, website and/or social media promotions of a supplied content asset. Once you’ve written your content, we’ll have it evaluated by our editorial and audience development teams to ensure the content meets our standards for topic relevance and non-commerciality. Then we’ll identify the right market segment to which we’ll promote it. Premium content can take many forms – white papers, e-books, decision guides, infographics, research summaries etc. Program pricing is $4,705 gross ($4,000 net); additional fields or demographic filters will increase pricing or reduce lead volume commitment from an expectation on the order of 100 completed registrations.

Control Essentials Series

Process Automation Essentials is a series of digital reports by the editors of Control designed to provide process industry professionals with an up-to-date, top-level understanding of a range of key process automation topics.  Our intent with these interactive PDFs is to present essential engineering and decision-making concepts in a practical, non-commercial fashion together with a review of the latest technology and marketplace drivers–all in a form factor well suited for onscreen consumption. Registration fields collected include name, title, company, and email address. As a sponsor you should expect a minimum 200 registrations over the three month promotion period.  Exclusive sponsorship is available for $9,412 gross ($8,000 net).

The 2016 Control Essentials topics are as follows:

  • Safety Instrumented Systems
  • Level Instrumentation
  • Intrinsic Safety
  • Cyber Security
  • Flow Instrumentation
  • Wireless Networks
  • Calibration & Device Management
  • Industrial Ethernet
  • Operator Effectiveness
  • Alarm Management
  • Process Simulation & Optimization

Custom webcast

A step up from white papers in terms of user engagement, our custom webcast programs offer an opportunity to directly advance thought leadership with sales prospects. Control’s editors work with your marketing and subject matter experts to develop and moderate a compelling online presentation and discussion, including live Q&A with attendees. For added credibility, a guest speaker in the form of a current end user or analyst typically is invited to speak as well. The webcast is promoted to the process automation community through e-newsletters, alerts and other traffic drivers. A digital strategist actively manages promotional efforts to ensure registration expectations are met. Corporate branding and resource links for the sponsoring company are built into the webcast interface. Pricing of $17,650 gross ($15,000 net). View recent webcast here.

Technology Reports

Our Technology Reports bring together all of the latest and best Control articles on a particular process automation topic in a unique, downloadable report. Each Technology Report provides its sponsors with a cost-effective opportunity to build category thought leadership among a self-qualified audience of buyers, each of whose contact information will be shared with the Report’s sponsors. Each Technology Report will consist of approximately 30 pages of content, as well as full page advertisements from each of its sponsors. Pricing of $3,176 gross ($2,700 net).

Knowledge Centers

Like a supercharged white paper or webcast campaign, ControlGlobal.com Knowledge Centers bring together a range of essential decision-making resources on a given topic—white papers, webcasts, video clips, articles, application notes, etc.—in a dedicated microsite on ControlGlobal.com.  Contact your sales representative for more details.  View a sample Knowledge Center.

Traffic-Generation Programs

If your company already has a registration process for permission marketing assets in place on your website, use Control to promote your assets to our audience and drive traffic directly to the relevant landing page on your site. Custom traffic-generation programs are available on a cost-per-click (CPC) basis. Contact your sales representative for more details.

List Rental, Telemarketing and Lead Nurturing

Access to Control’s print, e-newsletter and registered website user databases is available for direct marketing purposes. Email addresses are not released; supplied HTML and/or text creative is delivered to selected opt-in email addresses on behalf of the client.

For more information, contact Patty Donatiu (pdonatiu@putman.net; 610-690-7442) or download this PDF for more information on our list rental process, policies and pricing.

Telemarketing and lead nurturing services also are available on a project basis. Please contact the appropriate sales representative for more details on these services.


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Our webcast programs offer an opportunity to directly advance thought leadership with sales prospects.

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Lead Gen

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