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Each month, thousands of subscribers turn to Control magazine for need-to-know information on making their plants and processes run more safely and efficiently through the application of instrumentation, control and automation technologies. And because Control focuses exclusively on the process industries, it offers unrivaled access to the buying teams within this market. In fact, Control delivers double the numbers of subscribers in the process industries, utilities and related engineering services firms of its nearest competitor.

While our print magazine’s circulation roots are primarily in the North American
market (download latest BPA Worldwide audit statement), a growing number of automation professionals domestically and internationally subscribe to the digital version of the magazine.

Control subscribers by industry and Job title
Industry Total Engineering Administration Operations R&D
Food & Kindred Products 10,221 1,062 4,312 3,902 945
Chemical & Allied Products 9,443 2,550 2,208 3,674 1,011
Integrators & Engineering Firms 9,352 4,097 3,046 1,899 310
Primary Metals Production 4,365 1,204 1,242 1,751 168
Rubber & Misc. Plastics 3,349 917 906 1,298 228
Pharmaceuticals 4,213 939 1,095 1,262 917
Paper & Allied Products 2,932 627 696 1,513 96
Oil & Gas, Petroleum Refining 3,999 1,630 814 1,395 160
Stone, Clay, Glass & Concrete 1,475 264 529 632 50
Electric, Gas & Sanitary 3,684 1,269 655 1,635 125
Textile Mill Products 868 204 238 381 45
Tobacco Products 126 16 61 39 10
Other Manufacturers and allied 5,993 1,565 2,232 1,880 316
Total Subscribers 60,020 16,334 18,034 21,261 4,381

Source: June 2016 BPA Worldwide audit statement

Depth of Circulation to Key Process Companies
Industry Company Quantity
Chemical DuPont 150
Paper Products International Paper 80
Food & Beverage Tyson Foods 158
Stone, Clay & Glass Corning 41
Oil & Gas, Petroleum Refining Chevron 122
Primary Metals Alcoa 39
Rubber & Plastics Goodyear Tire 46
Textiles Shaw Industries 46
Tobacco Products R.J. Reynolds 13
Power & Sanitary Services Duke Energy 31

Source: Publisher’s analysis

Print Marketing Options

While digital media has evolved into an extremely powerful tool for connecting with prospects in the process automation marketplace, print advertising remains a mainstay of the industry’s leading suppliers.

These marketing-savvy organizations realize that the vast majority of their potential customers are not actively seeking information on their companies’ products and services at any given time. But they are open to marketing messages when they “lean back” to read a magazine, when they’re open to being informed of what’s new without a specific agenda in mind. Digital media, on the other hand, typically excels when a prospect is further along the marketing funnel—they’re “leaning forward” to find a solution to a particular problem, responding to a resonant white paper offer or searching the web. And if they’re not familiar with your company and what it has to offer, the chances of a successful engagement plummet as well.

Indeed, print advertising remains unequalled in its ability to cost-effectively deliver marketing messages to a large universe of potential customers who, at the moment, might not yet be ready to buy. In addition to print advertising in a broad array of creative formats from full pages and spreads to classifieds, Control offers a range of other print-based solutions to your marketing needs:

  • Inserts, whether tipped into the magazine itself or riding along in a poly bag with the magazine, can take a wide variety of forms. From promotional DVDs to simple bounce-back postcards, rising postage costs often make our insert programs quite cost-competitive with direct-mail distribution. Inserts can be supplied, or we can produce them on your behalf. Distribution can be to our full circulation, or to a select demographic subset based on subscriber industry or title (see latest BPA Worldwide statement for full range of demographic selection criteria).
  • Belly bands wrap the entire outside of the magazine with a 6-inch-tall version of your marketing message. Gross rate for a belly band to Control’s full circulation, including production, is $16,000. Distribution to a demographic audience, or around trade-show copies to boost booth traffic, is available.
  • Custom editorial and design services are available to develop and execute unique marketing campaigns—including custom inserts and advertorial supplements. Two recent examples include these turnkey supplements created on behalf of ABB and the HART Communication Foundation. For more details on our full range of custom content services, click here.

For further details or to discuss how we can help with your unique campaign requirements, contact your sales representative.

Four-Color Print Advertising Rates *
Open 6x 12x Ad Dimensions **
(WxD, inches)
Full page $9,600 $9,200 $8,700 7 x 10
One-half page island $6,600 $6,200 $5,700 4-9/16 x 7-1/2
One-half page vertical $6,000 $5,600 $5,100 3-1/4 x 10
One-half page horizontal $6,000 $5,600 $5,100 7 x 4-7/8
One-third page vertical $5,100 $4,700 $4,300 2-3/16 x 10
One-third page square $5,100 $4,700 $4,300 4-9/16 x 4-7/8
One-quarter page $4,400 $3,900 $3,600 3-1/4 x 4-7/8

* 5% premium for fifth color or PMS. All rates gross.
** Non-bleed space units. 7-7/8″ x 10-1/2″ trim; 7″ x 10″ page size. Full-page plate size: 8-1/8″ x 10-3/4″; bleed spread for each plate: 8-1/8″ x 10-3/4″.


Control serves the information needs of engineering, operations and management personnel whose job it is to design, commission, maintain and optimize the process industries’ significant and growing investment in automation technology.

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Each month, thousands of subscribers turn to Control magazine for need-to-know information on making their plants and processes run more safely and efficiently through the application of instrumentation, control and automation technologies. 

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