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While digital media has evolved into an extremely powerful tool for connecting with prospects in the food and beverage process marketplace, reading print publications remains a mainstay resource for our subscribers, as well as the industry’s leading suppliers.

Marketing-savvy organizations and suppliers realize that the vast majority of their potential customers are not actively seeking information on their companies’ products and services at any given time. These potential customers are open to marketing and branding messages when they “lean back” to read a magazine, and are open to being “informed” of new technologies, products, and suppliers. Digital media, on the other hand, typically excels when a prospect is further along the marketing funnel—that is they’re “leaning forward”—-to find a specific solution to a particular problem; responding to a digital content offer; or simply searching the web. At this time, if prospects are not familiar or “informed” about your company or your brand, the chances of a successful digital engagement plummets.

Indeed, print advertising remains unequaled in its ability to cost-effectively deliver repetitive marketing messages to a large universe of potential customers who, at the moment, might not yet be ready to buy, but by the very act of reading are open to learning about new technologies, products, and suppliers.

To reach these prospective customers, Food Processing Magazine offers marketers an option of display and classified advertising in a range of creative sizes.

In addition to print advertising, Food Processing offers a range of creative, impact-producing solutions to your marketing needs:

  • Inserts, whether tipped into the magazine itself or riding along in a poly-bag with the magazine, can take a wide variety of forms. From promotional CD-ROMs to simple bounce-back postcards, rising postage costs often make our insert programs quite cost-competitive with other direct-mail distribution methods. Inserts can be supplied, or we can produce them on your behalf. Distribution can be to our full circulation, or to a select demographic subset based on subscriber industry or title see latest BPA statement for full range of demographic selection criteria.
  • Belly bands wrap the entire outside of the magazine with a six-inch-tall version of your marketing message. Distribution to a demographic audience, or around trade-show copies to boost booth traffic, is available. Bellybands custom quoted.
  • Custom editorial and design services are available to develop and execute unique marketing campaigns—ranging from inserts to newsletters to advertorial supplements.

For more information or to request a quote on these or any print advertising offerings, please contact your sales representative.


Food Processing is the only B2B media franchise that covers and reaches all job functions and purchasing types – every food category (snacks, beverages, frozen foods, etc.), as well as every job title (R&D, plant operations, corporate management, etc.).

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The Food Processing franchise provides 393,744 opportunities to deliver your marketing message to Food & Beverage Industry Professionals each month.

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In addition to print advertising, Food Processing offers a range of creative, impact-producing solutions to your marketing needs.

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Built to meet our users’ needs for deep, searchable and actionable content, FoodProcessing.com combines news, original topical articles, expert advice and carefully chosen product and vendor information to provide comprehensive industry insight and information.

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Food Processing’s e-newsletters contain original topical features and the latest industry news and technical insights, assuring that you get high response rates from your key prospects.

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Food Processing webcasts are not only a highly efficient way to harness the power of the internet to generate qualified leads for your sales team; they also present your company as a leading source for industry insight and actionable content. 

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Lead Gen

Learn how Food Processing can generate high-quality leads for your existing content.

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Online Media Kit

Here you’ll find quick and easy links to detailed information about each one of the components of Food Processing’s advertising offerings.

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