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What Are Webinars?
Webinars are streaming media presentations that feature synchronized audio and PowerPoint slides in an interactive format where the audience can ask questions of the presenters. Most often done live, attendees register beforehand to attend these free, roughly one-hour online discussions via their computers. The discussions are recorded and are then available on-demand for a year following the event. Sponsorships can be exclusive or shared among up to three companies (the Food Processing Panel Discussion series). Sponsors receive extremely detailed lead data on all registrants.

Why Sponsor a Webinar?
Webinars are our most complete lead-generation product, with exceptional performance in the following areas:

  • Lead volumes in excess of 200
  • Detailed lead data on each registrant, including their interactions with the presentation
  • An opportunity to present alongside our editorial team, offering superior thought-leadership positioning
  • Branding on all pre-event marketing and during the event
  • Webinars are excellent at identifying purchasers late in their buying process, as they’re nearing a buying decision
  • White-glove customer service that handles all the details

How Do Webinars Work?
Food Processing offers two types of webinars to suit your needs. If you’re participating in one of our multi-sponsor Panel Discussion Series webinars, just choose from a list of topics our editors have already created. Once you’ve chosen, we handle every detail—from speaker recruitment to marketing and audience development to managing content development to hosting and moderating. All along, you receive detailed, regular reports on registrants that you can use to build new prospects.

If you prefer an exclusive sponsorship opportunity, start by selecting a topic you’d like to cover. Again, we’ll handle every single detail of making the event happen and getting an audience to attend. You just need to focus on finding your speakers and developing great content.


Food Processing videos help position vendors as partners for product development projects and give your potential customers information on emerging market trends.

You company teams with Food Processing and Putman Media to film and produce a custom video on a topic of your choice, or you can sponsor a video that is already planned or submit your own non-promotional video. Videos can include a compelling call-to-action that allows viewers ultimate flexibility in response. Sponsored videos are promoted through Multimedia Alerts and other e-newsletters; the sponsorship is exclusive and enduring for as long as the video is posted.


Food Processing is the only B2B media franchise that covers and reaches all job functions and purchasing types – every food category (snacks, beverages, frozen foods, etc.), as well as every job title (R&D, plant operations, corporate management, etc.).

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The Food Processing franchise provides 393,744 opportunities to deliver your marketing message to Food & Beverage Industry Professionals each month.

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In addition to print advertising, Food Processing offers a range of creative, impact-producing solutions to your marketing needs.

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Built to meet our users’ needs for deep, searchable and actionable content, FoodProcessing.com combines news, original topical articles, expert advice and carefully chosen product and vendor information to provide comprehensive industry insight and information.

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Food Processing’s e-newsletters contain original topical features and the latest industry news and technical insights, assuring that you get high response rates from your key prospects.

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Food Processing webcasts are not only a highly efficient way to harness the power of the internet to generate qualified leads for your sales team; they also present your company as a leading source for industry insight and actionable content. 

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Lead Gen

Learn how Food Processing can generate high-quality leads for your existing content.

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Online Media Kit

Here you’ll find quick and easy links to detailed information about each one of the components of Food Processing’s advertising offerings.

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