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The Case for Pharmaceutical Manufacturing

The drug industry is at a critical point: yesterday’s blockbusters have already come off patent, or soon will. The pipeline of new blockbuster drugs has slowed to a trickle. At the same time, healthcare reform in the U.S., global price controls and growth in international markets promise a future of increased production at lower prices. Drug companies can only meet these challenges, and stay in business, by improving manufacturing efficiencies, either in-house or with their CMO contract partners. If you offer products or services that can improve drug quality and manufacturing efficiency, or streamline drug development, scaleup and manufacturing, Pharmaceutical Manufacturing has over 50,000 print and digital audience members who need to hear from you. These readers base their selection of equipment and technology on the urgent need for efficiency and compliance. In fact, Pharmaceutical Manufacturing’s 2010 Media Consumption study identified that 91.4% of Pharmaceutical Manufacturing’s print and digital audience either plays a key role in vendor/solution decision making and/or makes the final decision. Pharmaceutical Manufacturing can help you capitalize on upcoming opportunities in the new life sciences landscape.
The Right Forum

Pharmaceutical Manufacturing magazine, PharmaManufacturing.com, the PharmaManufacturing e-newsletters, our webcasts, podcasts and other digital events offer proven platforms from which you can deliver vital information continually. Utilizing the best mix of our media will make an impact on our audience’s buying decisions.

  • Pharmaceutical Manufacturing magazine
  • PharmaManufacturing.com
  • PharmaManufacturing E-News
  • Pharma Web Watcher
  • Biomanufacturing E-News

B2B media companies have been promising “fully integrated marketing programs” for years now. Pharmaceutical Manufacturing and Putman Media actually deliver on this promise. How do you want to reach our decision maker readers? Let us help you build a marketing plan that will reach them at every point in the buying cycle, from generating queries and driving traffic to your site, to developing sales leads and beyond. Plain and simple, this customized approach will help you grow your pharma business, even in these challenging times.

  • Truly integrated programs that focus your investment on the areas most important to your overall marketing objectives.
  • Setting performance expectations, reporting, analysis and program tweaking is vital for success. We monitor programs on an ongoing basis and provide monthly reports on program results.
  • Innovative programs, including programs that create content for your lead generation needs.

Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Program Offerings & Information:

  • Lead Generation
  • E-Newsletter Sponsorship
  • Website Advertising
  • Custom Digital Programs
  • E-Mail List Rental

The Opportunity

What does one new customer mean to your company? What is the value in having your messaging delivered to and readily available to 50,000 plus Pharmaceutical Manufacturing audience members…in print and online? How can we help you identify your sweet spot in the pharma market and maximize the opportunity?

  • In 2010 the global pharmaceutical market will exceed $825 billion dollars in sales.
  • Manufacturing costs represent approximately 25% of sales.
  • R&D currently averages approximately 15% of sales.

In short, pharmaceutical manufacturing, research and development is approximately a $330 billion opportunity. Do you have products and solutions that would remove a fraction of these costs while allowing the industry to achieve stringent quality and compliance mandates?

Another perspective on the pharmaceutical industry opportunity:

“The pharmaceutical industry is waking up to the fact that operational excellence is important. After decades in a world where patents protected revenues and regulatory concerns constrained operational change, companies now understand that they will need to be faster, more productive and more flexible to compete in tomorrow’s industry. In response, most are embarking on operational improvements of one sort or another.” “Pharmaceutical companies risk being too cautious in their quest for productivity improvements. New research shows that the widespread adoption of the best practices in operations will deliver cost reductions of 50% for typical pharma firms.”

–McKinsey & Company, Philipp Cremer, Martin Lösch, Ulf Schrader “Outpacing Changein Pharma Operations” report

The Top Ten Interest Areas/Challenges of Pharmaceutical Manufacturing’s Audience

Do you have solutions that can help?

  • Regulatory compliance
  • Process operations
  • Quality by Design
  • Process control
  • Risk analysis and management
  • Plant operations
  • Aseptic manufacturing
  • Operational Excellence (Lean, Six Sigma)
  • Unit operations
  • Analytical matters including PAT


Pharmaceutical Manufacturing‘s print and digital products focus on the manufacturing, quality and scaleup functions so critical to the industry’s future.

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If you offer products or services that can improve drug quality and manufacturing efficiency, or streamline drug development, scaleup and manufacturing, Pharmaceutical Manufacturing has over 50,000 print and digital audience members who need to hear from you.

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In addition to print advertising, Pharmaceutical Manufacturing offers a range of creative, impact-producing solutions to your marketing needs.

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Carefully built to meet our users’ needs for deep, searchable and actionable content, pharmamanufacturing.com combines news, original topical articles, white papers, webcasts, podcasts, expert advice, and carefully chosen product and vendor information to provide comprehensive industry insight.

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Containing original topical features, the latest industry news and technical insights, our e-newsletters give you high response rates from your key prospects. 

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Webcasts are not only a highly efficient way to harness the power of the internet to generate qualified leads for your sales team; they also present your company as a leading source for industry insight and actionable content.

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Learn how Pharmaceutical Manufacturing can generate high-quality leads for your existing content.

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