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Your Content Customized

Putman’s award-winning custom media skills allow you to build your own branded property for your own audience. We’ll work with you to develop the concept based on your business goals and marketing strategy, then just leave everything to us. Everything – integrated print and digital content development, graphic design, printing, distribution, videos, websites, email blasts, social media promotion and more.

You know your subject. We know publishing. Together, we can create and deliver the information you want to reach your customers and prospects in a way that supports your branding strategy by communicating your value in smart and attractive ways.

As far as your audience knows, the content is written and delivered directly from you.

Customized content strengthens your customer retention by providing these advantages:

  • Build and maintain relationships and customer intimacy for long-term customer loyalty.
  • Enhances your position as a leader in your field.
  • Reinforces your personnel as trusted experts.
  • Strengthens your brand recognition.
  • Provides a valuable sales tool for your sales force.
  • Supports your positive business reputation.
  • Allows delivery of targeted, timely messages directly to your customers and prospects.
  • Supports specific marketing campaigns or overall strategies.
  • Provides a competitive advantage over companies in your market who don’t use custom media.

To learn more, contact Mike Brenner, mbrenner@putman.net, Director of Custom Media, phone 630-467-1301 ext. 487.

It’s About Teamwork

We have deep experience in branded content, and we take your success personally.

We know teamwork is the key to success for any custom media. We’ll work with you to focus on your customer retention goals, value propositions and marketing strategy. And we’ll minimize the effort on your end so you can focus on your other projects.

“We just saw the recent registrations for tomorrow’s webcast. We are so happy—we can always count on you for exceptional service, and great results from our digital promotions”

- Jasmine Gruia-Gray, Ph.D., commenting on ESA’s webcast production and promotion on PharmaManufacturing.com President, Life Science Tools, ESA Biosciences, Inc.

We can create and design content in many ways, including interviewing your subject matter experts, interviewing your customers, adapting content you already have available, tapping into industry research, writing original content and more.

“Our integrated marketing campaign with Chemical Processing and Putman Media has exceeded our expectations and outperformed the other online marketing initiatives we’ve undertaken to date.”

- Amy Jordan, Marketing Communications, Honeywell Process Solutions

Together, we’ll develop a look and feel that supports your unique business and branding goals. And you’ll review and approve all content before it’s launched — no surprises, just satisfaction.

To learn more, contact Mike Brenner, mbrenner@putman.net, Director of Custom Media, phone 630-467-1301 ext. 487.

What We Bring to the Table

Putman Media has more than 30 years of experience publishing custom content for all company types and sizes. In fact, our staff has an award-winning history for both design and editorial excellence, and we want to put that talent to work for you. Click here to see our most recent honors.

Theresa Houck, Executive Editor in charge of our Custom Division, has more than 24 years of experience in business-to-business and commercial publishing. This includes an extensive background in strategic editorial management, new product development, budget management, vendor relations, circulation, marketing and social media.

Theresa and her team have one goal: to create quality, timely content that meets your goals — and that minimizes the work on your end.

Want to see some examples?

Check out The Journal from Rockwell Automation and Our Partners, a bimonthly magazine that we’ve published for Rockwell Automation for 20 years. The custom content includes the printed magazine, 23 complementary e-newsletters and award-winning social media marketing.

With technical articles, customer stories, trend updates, new technology updates and industry news, The Journal is a magazine that Rockwell Automation customers and prospects depend upon to keep up with the industrial automation industry. Many of its 60,000 print and digital readers consider it a trade magazine rather than a marketing piece.

Also, take a look at Face to Face, an eight-page piece published several times a year for Flowserve Corp. It serves as a strategic branding piece and key sales tool for the company’s reps all over the world. We work with Flowserve and its customers to develop content that demonstrates the company’s technology and service capabilities. In addition to the printed piece, we perform email blasts to a targeted audience.

To learn more, contact Mike Brenner, mbrenner@putman.net, Director of Custom Media, phone 630-467-1301 ext. 487.