Content Marketing

Relationships begin at the intersection of prospect insight and relevant communications

When it comes to content offered to professional decision-makers, customers and prospects self-educate in an increasingly chaotic environment. The growing flow of information converges on shorter attention spans and greater skepticism.

Marketers must be able to cut through the clutter and relevance is the difference-maker. In speaking about effective advertising, Craig Davis, former Chief Creative Officer at J. Walter Thompson also addressed the future mandate for content marketers …

“We need to stop interrupting what people are interested in and be what people are interested in.”

Creating relevant content is completely dependent on knowing the informational needs and priority initiatives of your target audience so you can start building relationships with them.

Capturing these insights has been at the forefront of a Putman Media’s work as a B2B publisher for decades. Our methodology has evolved along with the shift to digital content consumption. Today, in addition to traditional survey methodology, we capitalize on the real-time insight generated from the content engagement on our website, newsletters, webinars and other platforms.

Audience insights guides our ability to deliver relevant content along the readers education journey and ensures that we maintain a valued and trusted relationship with them.

That relationship is also the fulcrum of our value proposition to industry marketers.

Industry buyers no longer travel on the old buyer’s journey path, and marketers must be able to influence prospects longer with an array of digital resources. During this process, prospects commit to spending time with trusted content providers.

Unlike your customer base, prospects do not know your value – how and where you align content delivery is critical. The ability to work with publishers who provide the opportunity for your value proposition to be conveyed through content is a key differentiator.

Putman’s Advanced Lead Services Program (ALSP) was developed to help marketing clients form relationships, educate prospects, drive interest and identify marketing qualified leads. The program provides value on multiple layers:

  • Helps inform content development based on content engagement insights (relevance!)
  • Provides a trusted platform to deliver education and gain influence
  • Expands your influence longer through the education journey as prospects participate in the discovery of your value across multiple content touchpoints (the more vested they are in being educated strategically, the more likely they are to advance in the sales pipeline!)

You can review an Advanced Lead Services Program case story here.

Relationships develop at the intersection of insights related to priority initiatives and the relevant content offered.

When you deliver high-value information to prospects that resonates with their priorities and jobs-to-be-done, you are building an audience that is actively becoming involved in the discovery of your value proposition.

This is a critical process in an increasingly digital world that will become either a competitive advantage and contribute to strong revenue potential or a weakness that drives poor revenue performance.