Content Marketing

There’s more to research than just the charts

Effective B2B marketers contribute to their company’s revenue growth on many levels and are adept at both supporting existing customers and expanding market potential.

CEB (now Gartner) research shows that content and conversations that offer customers a new way to think about or improve their business (what Gartner refers to as “customer improvement”) — tend to be more effective at driving both retention and growth.“

Customer improvement” is about:

  • Bringing a critical, fresh perspective on the customers’ business
  • Laying out a vision for improving the customers’ business
  • Outlining the ROI of the customer/solution provider relationship


Research can play a key role in executing the “customer improvement” communications strategy.

Research can influence prospects on whether or not to continue investigating a specific product or solution. In fact, recent research conducted by a global sales consultancy, The Rain Group, ranks the types of content that buyers rely on before advancing discussions with solution providers.

“Primary research data relevant to our business” topped that list of influential content.
Source: Rain Today

Effective B2B marketers understand just how influential research can be and that the knowledge created from research can be put to work in many ways:

  1. Prospect/audience insight can shape the messaging that supports your go-to-market strategy
  2. Key findings can create awareness of business improvement opportunities (and discover your value proposition, as well!)
  3. Research content can be repurposed into a variety of content marketing assets
  4. Salespeople can use the research to start productive conversations with prospects


As you plan your research initiative, take the advice of Stephen Covey, and “begin with the end in mind”. Have a clear vision of what knowledge you’d like to develop and how those insights will facilitate interest in your value proposition. 

Putman understands the important role that research plays in B2B marketing. Our Market Insight Research Program was developed with marketers in mind.

Read this case study, in which we worked with a measurement manufacturing company whose goal was to grow market share in the chemical-processing industry. Through our research program they were able to identify potential barriers in this key market and develop a plan on how to address them.

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