Our Culture


We’re not your average media company. We’re privately held, which means we’re flexible. We hire people who are entrepreneurs at heart and love what they do. We don’t want our teams jumping through hoops. We want them to act quickly, do what it takes to satisfy the client and create great media products and services. We strive to maintain the open culture, in which everyone is a hands-on contributor and feels comfortable sharing ideas and opinions.


We are a people business. The ideas, energy and contribution of our employees create the editorial content, thought leadership, intelligence, and marketing solutions that our clients demand. Our people are creative, strategic, self-motivated, business savvy, interesting, diplomatic, organized and one who can roll with the punches; as well as deliver one from time to time. We are still a small family-owned shop, flexibility is key, and we all need to be able to stretch both ways.


Great media companies are built over time. We play for the long term, not for the next quarter. That’s one reason we have had success launching new magazines and becoming market leaders—we keep investing. And…..we recognize that our people need to continuously evolve their thinking and try new things if we are to survive and grow. In other words, we must continue to innovate.


I truly cannot place a value on working for a leadership team that I trust and believe in, who also take the time to tell me how much they trust and believe in me. Five years in and I’m still excited for the potential of what this company can accomplish.

At Putman you’re encouraged to practice your craft by trying all sorts of new ideas. Top management supports us in new endeavors and recognizes that not everything we throw at the wall will stick. Their advice: If you are going to fail, fail fast. It’s that trust that makes working here a privilege and more importantly fun. It’s also the breeding ground for innovation.

There are two kinds of people at Putman — the ones who come to Putman and stay and the ones who come to Putman and leave and then want to come back.

I love to opportunity that Putman gives us to explore our creativity and try new things. The family-friendly environment keeps you wanting to come back to the office to see your friends and produce an amazing magazine alongside them.

I love working at Putman because I’m part of a collaborative, supportive, dedicated team. My colleagues and supervisors embrace new ideas and seek to collaboratively evaluate, refine and build on them. From the top down, everyone’s approachable. I’ve worked for other family-owned businesses before; this one gets it right.