Lead Generation


From top-of-funnel leads to scored opportunities, our lead generation campaigns are designed with your objectives in mind. Our advanced programs are designed to leverage content assets which we have a hand in developing specifically for you. Basic response programs leverage content assets to meet both lead and traffic objectives.


Content marketing is the basis of our advanced lead programs. We create content for your program – special reports, webinars – and market that content to generate interest and identify leads for your product or service area.

Advanced Lead Services Programs

Advanced Lead Services Programs offer marketers a defined content strategy to identify and nurture prospects as they research solutions, vendors, and begin to make their purchase decisions. Each customized program starts with the development of a co-branded Special Report on a specific topic for lead conversion. Custom nurture workflows then introduce your brand and integrate your content in to the research or purchase cycle. We track content engagement and score leads for improved sales efficiency. In depth reporting provides you advanced marketing insights and the results to determine a clear ROI on your advanced lead services program.

Market Insight Research Programs

Market Insight Research Program is a turnkey program based on custom research designed to help gather intelligence and gain insight on your solutions or products. Together we create a research survey that is fielded to our audience. The research results are utilized to create an in-depth Market Insight Report which is then marketed to our audience to identify leads.


Webinars are an effective lead generation opportunity and are excellent at identifying leads well in to the buying process. Our webinars are focused on presenting solutions to identifiable problems, emerging technologies and key relevant topic areas. Both live and on-demand webinars provide an opportunity for direct interaction with attendees.

Resource Center Sponsorship

Resource Centers bring together a range of essential decision-making resources on a given topic—white papers, webinars, video clips, articles, application notes, etc.—in dedicated real estate on our site. Robust content marketing campaigns generate qualified leads and are managed by our marketing services team.


Basic Response Programs leverage our existing content or content that is provided by you. We market this content in an intentional way to identify and deliver an agreed upon level of activity – traffic to your programs or leads for your follow-up.

eBook Sponsorships

Topic and industry specific eBooks are information-rich digital resources on critical industry topics that aggregate our award-winning content. These detailed thought-leadership pieces are marketed to a specifically targeted audience providing exposure and identifying leads for their sponsors.

White Paper Program

Leverage your content investment for lead generation. We’ll have your white paper evaluated by our editorial and audience development teams to ensure the content meets our standards for topic relevance and non-commerciality. We will market your white paper to a targeted audience who is actively engaging in related content and identify those leads for you.

Managed Response Programs

Managed Response Programs consists of a mix of email, website and/or social media promotions of a supplied content asset. Both our editorial and audience development teams will evaluate your content to ensure the content meets our standards for topic relevance and non-commerciality. Then we’ll identify the right market segment to which we’ll promote it. We generate leads from the response or send interest directly to your site.


Putman’s Fundamental Video Series was created to satisfy the growing and persistent demand for educational material, delivered in an easily digestible video format. We identify topics that are fundamental to our audience and sponsorship opportunities within these videos. As our audience engages with these fundamental videos, we generate leads for sponsoring partners.