Event Marketing


Interact with your target audience in a virtual environment with one of our informative webinars. Moderated by our editors, our webinars are focused on presenting solutions to identifiable problems, emerging technologies and key relevant topic areas. Both live and on-demand webinars provide an opportunity for communication and direct interaction with attendees. Webinars are both an educational tool and an effective lead generation opportunity and are excellent at identifying leads well in to the research phase of the buying process.


Launched in 2015, our Smart Industry Conference and Expo has built a community of initiative takers committed to accelerating the ongoing digital transformation (DX) of manufacturing and related industries.

The goal of the event program is to equip industry management and professionals with the intelligence to understand and successfully manage industrial organizations in a world shaped by digital technology. Both the expo and networking events provide the opportunity to build industry partnerships, and connect and network in a relaxed atmosphere conducive for idea exchange.