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Smart Industry 2019: State of Initiative Report

A dominant majority of industry decision makers now believe that digital technologies will significantly reshape their organizations and competitive landscape in the next five years. Indeed, since Smart Industry in 2015 began its annual reader survey on sentiment toward the rapidly evolving digital capabilities available to industry, the proportion of readers who believe digital transformation will have a “high” or “critical” impact on their companies has climbed steadily from 45% to 77%. Read the 2019 State of Initiative Report for these findings and more!

Contract Pharma Trends 2018

This report covers the methodologies, technologies, and strategies essential for multi-product environment success, BioPlan survey findings on the contract manufacturing industry’s role in biopharma R&D and manufacturing and how contract packagers accelerate pharma packaging innovation.

2018 Capital Spending Report

Our 2018 Capital Spending Survey found that foreign investments are helping to drive U.S. food production growth for the top food and beverage companies.


Research is an integral part of any marketing plan

This case study explains how one global marketing manager took advantage of our Market Insight Research Program to understand what barriers might exist in the chemical-processing industry for their product that they needed to overcome with education in order to grow market share.

Marketing Expertise with John Stanton

Food Processing’s very own John Stanton has a lot to say about marketing to the food and beverage industry. Learn from his most popular – and most helpful – columns in this compilation report.

Making the most of marketing automation

This case study explains how one global marketing manager almost doubled her MQL to SQL conversion rates by integrating her marketing automation strategies with Putman’s Advanced Lead Services program.