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Linear transport offers possibilities to OEMs

One of the key attributes of the Industry Perspective opportunity is the “elbow room” to discuss and elaborate on emerging trends and technologies that are poised to reshape what is possible within a given market segment. In this Industry Perspective installment, a product manager from Beckhoff Automation explains how linear transport systems are reinventing what’s possible in next-generation manufacturing systems and packaging lines.


WAGO’s 40th anniversary and beyond

The Industry Perspective opportunity is ideally suited to highlight a new initiative or celebrate a key event or anniversary. In this case, the president of WAGO in North America used the Industry Perspective soapbox to celebrate WAGO’s 40th anniversary, the technology milestones it has participated in over the years, and to give a sneak peek at what new developments that its customers can look forward to from WAGO.


Flaring Fosters Safety

The Industry Perspective offers industry leaders with a story to tell, the opportunity to be featured in a unique Q&A featured in Chemical Processing. Each Industry Perspective takes the form of a thought leadership, two-page interview between one of Chemical Processing’s editors and one of your company directors, on a topic of particular importance and meaning to your company and our audience. It’s an excellent opportunity for you to gain access to one of our editors in this unique thought leading format and to be prominently highlighted in Chemical Processing magazine.

You will also receive a standalone PDF of the feature, which you can use in your own marketing efforts.

In this Industry Perspective, we spoke with the Global Product Manager at Panametrics on raising the awareness about safety, pollution control and regulatory compliance with regard to flares and flare control at chemical plants and refineries, which in turn highlighted their expertise and offered solutions in this area.


Operational analytics: more than just data science

Over the past five years, marketing hype around the Internet of Things and Big Data analytics has drawn a number of new players and start-ups into the industrial market. In this Industrial Perspectives installment, the chief technology officer for Emerson’s Automation Solutions business took the opportunity to explain the very important differences between generic “analytics” proffered by these new market entrants and those that are specific to the industrial market. For best results, users should insist on solutions with decades of embedded subject matter expertise from specialists such as Emerson. This interview also took the shape of a Solutions Spotlight episode of the Control Amplified podcast, and have been downloaded more than 350 times as of May 2020.


Take a lifecycle view to optimize asset value

One of the unique advantages of the Industry Perspective opportunity is the ability to tell a larger story to the market than can normally be achieved in a traditional advertising format. In this Industry Perspective piece, we hear from Rockwell Automation’s vice president of maintenance and customer support how the company is investing to provide full, cradleto- grave lifecycle services to accompany the hardware and software that make up its integrated solutions. Released on the eve of the company’s Automation Fair, the piece also encouraged readers to learn more at the relevant booth at the event. Further, this Q&A took the form of a Solutions Spotlight episode of the Control Amplified podcasts, and has been downloaded more than 350 times as of May 2020.


Two content goals

“Cleaver Brooks wanted to achieve two content goals:

(1) position the company as a trusted partner in the age of Industry 4.0 and
(2) support the launch of their Prometha™ IoT-connected boiler solution.

They chose the Plant Services Industry Perspective offering to be part of their campaign for several reasons. From the perspective of thought leadership, the Q&A format would validate both their offering and their solution strategy as items of interest from an industry chief editor.

Also, the Q&A format is elastic, allowing Cleaver Brooks to offer their thoughts on industry trends while also focusing on the Prometha offering.”


Perspective/throught leadership delivered directly to the reader

This product enables the client to deliver company perspective/thought leadership directly to the reader via Q&A, which the client and editor develop in partnership to ensure the content aligns with the main messaging the client wants to communicate. The Industry Perspective product is educational and engaging, but also a channel through which more-direct promotional messaging can be delivered.

This particular account traditionally never runs any print ads, but felt this format would fit well with what they were trying to accomplish by letting readers know that Parsec’s unique software-provider-to-device-maker evolution influences their approach. Reaching a larger audience in a more efficient manner.


Endress + Hauser & The Journal

Endress + Hauser has installed over 30 million smart process instrumentation devices in a short 5 year period of time. Their customers were unprepared for the information and data ‘overload’ and are challenged in how to manage and prioritize the vast amount of data.

The JOURNAL recommended to E+H that one effective tool would be our Industry Perspectives offering. We suggested that an E+H executive, in this case Ryan Williams, National Product Manager, provide a perspective to Plant Managers on how to effectively prioritize asset management data. While E+H has been working with customers to address this challenge, the uniqueness of the TJ offer is our ability to focus the E+H message across non traditional media channels utilizing topic and audience relevant LinkedIn Groups. Goal was 200 article click to reads.

Over a 30 day period of time, JOURNAL editors posted the E+H Industry Perspective to 100 LI groups. To date we have generated over 850 article click to reads. Article reads have exceeded goal by 340%.

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