Integrated Marketing Campaign


SEPCO & Plant Services

Sealing Equipment Products Company, Inc. (SEPCO) prides itself on being a leader in the fluid sealing industry and manufactures anything from mechanical seals to gasket materials for companies in more than 30 countries. Located in Alabama, SEPCO has a large customer base and serves numerous types of industrial plants across various specializations including power, aerospace, nuclear, etc. As part of an initiative to promote SEPCO’s services to potential customers and drive traffic to its website, the company reached out to Putman Media for help.

The experts at Plant Services met with SEPCO’s marketing manager in Fall 2019. During the meeting, they discussed the importance of developing an integrated media plan — one that would utilize digital and print marketing. While some critics argue that print marketing isn’t worth the investment, Putman recognized that placing SEPCO ads throughout their Plant Services magazine would be beneficial and reach over 70,000 industry professionals. Furthermore, considering SPECO’s modest advertising budget, it was most cost effective for the company to take advantage of both advertising mediums.

After the meeting, the SEPCO team decided the best course of action was to place advertisements in the print issues of Plant Services that were relevant to the company’s expertise. For example, a SEPCO ad was placed in the March issue, which had a story about reliable pump and valve packing. Also, a series of website Welcome ads were placed on plantservices. com to remind readers that SEPCO was there to help with customized, high-performance solutions.

The results exceeded SEPCO’s expectations. The company was very happy with the print advertising placements near relevant content and understood that this type of advertising helped elevate its brand as a market expert. In addition, the digital ads placed on the Plant Services website did extremely well. Over the course of three 15-day digital campaigns, SEPCO’s ad produced over 87,000 impressions and 2,268 clicks. It also delivered a 2.6% click-through rate which five times higher than the average CTR rate for typical B2B digital ads.*

Chris Wilder, the CEO of SEPCO, reiterated the company’s satisfaction after partnering with Plant Services. “We value our relationship with Putman Media, specifically Plant Services,” Wilder said. “The editorial team hits it out of the park every month, and our sales representative ensures that we choose campaigns targeted to our marketing goals and event strategy.” *