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Food Processing actively invests in circulation in order to deliver the best and most strategic market coverage in the food and beverage industry. Our monthly subscriber base of 70,000 is the industry’s largest and most complete.

Food Processing’s unique value propositions for marketers: 

Food Processing is the only B2B media franchise that reaches all purchasing types, covering every food category (snacks, beverages, meat/seafood/poultry, etc.), as well as reaching every job title (R&D, corporate management, purchasing, plant operations, marketing, etc.). The Food Processing franchise, via its magazine, website, eNewsletters and other media, explores the latest in ideation, research and development, processing technologies and packaging, and marketing, as well as the vital synergies that exist between and among job functions.

For ingredient suppliers:
Food Processing has the most audited subscribers for purchasing authority of ingredients of all the audited food & beverage industry trade magazines. FoodProcessing.com delivers the most monthly unique visitors and average page views of the audited food & beverage industry web sites.

For equipment suppliers:
Food Processing has the most subscribers who purchase processing/packaging equipment of all the food and beverage industry trade publications that audit for purchasing authority.  FoodProcessing.com has the most unique visitors and page impressions of the audited food and beverage industry web sites.

They are Experienced industry professionals…

  • 15+ years working in the Food & Beverage industry;
  • 11+ years in current function / position;
  • 8+ years subscriber to Food Processing Magazine.

They are well Compensated…*

  • Average R&D reader earns-$104,100+
  • Average Plant Ops reader earns-$99,700+
  • Average Corporate Management reader earns-$159,000+

They are Involved in Strategic & Corporate Decisions…*
Involvement in New Product Development Goal Setting;

  • R&D-96%
  • Marketing-95%
  • Plant Ops-78%
  • General Management-92%
  • Corporate Management-76%

They have Purchasing Authority*…

  • 26,200+ subscribers Ingredient and Nutritional Ingredient purchase authority;
  • 36,500+ subscribers Process / Packaging Equipment purchase authority;
  • 23,400+ QA / QC purchase authority;
  • 26,000 + Sanitation / Safety Equipment purchase authority

* Source: December 2015 BPA Audit

They Read and Value Food Processing Magazine…

  • Average subscriber has received Food Processing over 8 years;
  • “Great/Good” magazine rating by 97% of subscribers;
  • 93% read regularly—3 of 4 issues.
  • 63 % read every issue—4 out of 4 issues.


Food Processing is the only B2B media franchise that covers and reaches all job functions and purchasing types – every food category (snacks, beverages, frozen foods, etc.), as well as every job title (R&D, plant operations, corporate management, etc.).

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The Food Processing franchise provides 393,744 opportunities to deliver your marketing message to Food & Beverage Industry Professionals each month.

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In addition to print advertising, Food Processing offers a range of creative, impact-producing solutions to your marketing needs.

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Built to meet our users’ needs for deep, searchable and actionable content, FoodProcessing.com combines news, original topical articles, expert advice and carefully chosen product and vendor information to provide comprehensive industry insight and information.

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Food Processing’s e-newsletters contain original topical features and the latest industry news and technical insights, assuring that you get high response rates from your key prospects.

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Food Processing webcasts are not only a highly efficient way to harness the power of the internet to generate qualified leads for your sales team; they also present your company as a leading source for industry insight and actionable content. 

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Lead Gen

Learn how Food Processing can generate high-quality leads for your existing content.

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Online Media Kit

Here you’ll find quick and easy links to detailed information about each one of the components of Food Processing’s advertising offerings.

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